Upcycling Woodworking Videos

Here you will find a selection of woodworking videos on reusing various wooden scrap. I hope you enjoy my projects that use materials that would have been destined for the Woodburner. 

What is Upcycling

Upcyling is the latest craze in a world when we go to big efforts to recycle our daily waste and repurpose it into great new things. What is better than ‘recycling’ frankly it has to be ‘upcycling’!

Ancient Barn Door Transformed into a ‘Rustic Mirror Frame’

In this Video I make a cool rustique mirror frame. This organic woodworking project is fun to make with materials that would of been destine for the woodburner. This is a simple woodworking build that anybody can have a go at. Just using a few hand tools or if you want you can also use power tools to speed things up. One tools I use a lot for fast woodbodging is the AXE such as this Estwing

This was made from and old barn door wood and an aweful wardrobe mirror door together we made this interesting wooden mirror.

Freehand Routering a Wooden Sign

This project is not exactly a barn wood but a board that was found in an old barn. I used two routers a Makita and a Metabo, both of these routers are old but still working perfectly. I first printed the letters and then used carbon paper to transfer the outline onto the timber. Using a 6mm router cutter I then routed a channel to outline all the letters. The Makita half inch router was then used to

  • Remove the excess material.
  • Finally, I painted all the letters
  • Once dried I sanded the face to remove any overspray.
  • The project was then ready to be cleaned and lacquered.

Woodworm Infestation

Recycling wood had its own set of problems. In this video I remove the bark with an AXE and some sapwood to expose woodwork beetle larvae. The sapwood of this chestnut log is riddled with furniture beetle larvae.

Three common woodboring insects

  • Furniture Beetle
  • Powderposte Beetle
  • Fan bearing wood borers

Rustic Whiteboard Project

I made this mirror using trimmed timber from wane edged boards. I chose pieces that were undulating for good effect and used various handtools and wirebruses to make the rough Oak timber into something interesting.

The white board itself is a highly laquered aluminium laminated polycarbonate sheet that can be a repurposed signboard or you can buy a new sheet from a DIY store. You could just use an existing WHITEBOARD and frame that instead.

Barn Wood Upcycled Light Project

This easy project used an old lump of wood that was found buried in the grass but originally it was a roof part from a barn. Since this project evolved from farm materials we also source on the land after a bit of metal detecting some iron chain and other random pieces of rusty iron. But all comes together to make this cool yet modern light fixture. Since we live in a time which needs our help to reduce our consumption of energy this hanging light fixture uses some super efficient LED (light emitting diode) yet super bright electric lighting.

By Marcus Kett, Woodworking since 1989

head wood malcolm kett memorial

Malcolm the Boat ‘RIP’

Woodworking for me is in my blood as a son of a traditional boatbuilder. My Father Malcolm Kett was highly skilled and inventive individual often referred to as ‘Malcolm The Boat’.

selfie with mortar board

Marcus Kett and my Mortar!

Although I have spent a considerable portion of my life seeking further education and gaining qualifications in woodworking, electrical installations, bricklaying and to top it a degree in photography.

Yes, it is a medley of possible career choices but the one that I felt truly at home with was Woodworking. Woodworking has been my staple career choice that has given my family stability.

Why do I write these guides?

selfie workshop bio

Well that’s Me

We started to write these guides to help our customers. The idea was to provide the information needed to install our made to measure wooden products that we sell on this website and directly to our local customers.

We soon received feedback from people abroad and interested readers not local to us. I like to help people and I am excited that fellow woodworkers or keen DIYers found guidance in my articles. I intend to carry on writing and producing youtube videos for the purpose of providing useful content. Please share our blog with your friends and anyone that could find interest in the magic of working with wood.


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Wally is the middle one

We have lived and worked here in the Limousin Nouvelle Aquitaine since 2010, building window shutters and external doors. Our Volet manufacturing business is based at our home property as a ‘Cottage Industry’. We are a small business operating partly (60%) off the grid and try our best to practice our woodworking ethically.

How did we come up with the trading name ‘Wallybois’? Well, it is simple really, my best buddy ‘Wally’ and the fact that ‘Bois’ is French for wood and we live in France.

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By Marcus Kett, Woodworking since 1989

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