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We understand that sometimes your requirements may differ from what is listed here so as a way to comply with all our customers needs we offer bespoke products by special request. A Devis (quotation) will be provided for all special requests and will not provoke extreme cost and in many cases similar to the price generated by our website calculators.

What we consider as Bespoke is any desired order that is not listed or needs refinements such as:

  • Curved top or Arch
  • Not square reveal (opening) but trapezoid
  • Special ledge placement for alignment of hinge pintles (iron pin in wall)
  • Size not offered within the shop pages
  • Shutter design not listed on the shop pages
  • Stable door shutters
  • Bifold or trifold
  • Fleur de lis cut-out or diamond cut-out
  • Smooth rustic

Please check out our How-to pages for direction to provide the correct information