If you want to succeed in performing a good job with your tools then they need to be sharp. With a little effort and a good sharpening system then you too will have the right gear to get the job done. 

Sharpening is a religion and a sequence of processes that ends with a super sharp edge.

The sharpening tools here will help you achieve that

The Festool Domino Doweller

If you are in the market for a solution to make tenon joints fast then you should consider The Festool Domino. 

The Festool Domino Doweller DF700EQ is a good choice if you make large tenon joints. This loose tenon jointer is a worthy addition to any workshop. Click on an Amazon link to but this super machine.

If you need a smaller mortice machine then the Festool Domino DF500 is for you. 

What makes these machines special is their ability to make a flat sided mortice quickly. The Festool domino also has a unique pin alignment system which makes the job of making multiple mortises very quick.

There is a good selection of accessories available for use with Domino Dowel system.

The Support Bracket is a good start

This simple but useful addition helps you make even straighter mortises. When working on narrow material or close to verge of the workpiece.

You could also benefit from a Cross Stop

As the name applies the cross stop helps stop the machine in the correct position for repeatable mortises.

Trim Stops

If you are like me and regularly make mortises in the end of spindles or other workplaces such as handrails but the Handrail Fence could be a better choice. This accessory does have more uses but I’ll allow you to use your imagination.

Hand Planes

As a puretest living the rural life in France I love to pick up a tool destined for the hand. I do use machines like many a woodworker in Europe or the United States. But I cannot help myself when I see the lure of a good hand tool. I have to admit my favourite tipple is my old Stanley Bailey N0 7 with it’s pimped plane irons and handcrafted handles.