Alternative uses for Cascamite

If you are a Cascamite Powdered Resin wood glue convert like me. You will see that this great glue has more opportunities than what is written on the packet.

I have found Cascamite Urethra Formaldehyde is good for

  1. Glueing woodworking joints
  2. Gap filling 
  3. Wood filler
  4. Casting items
  5. Sealing wood

The reasons this versatile glue is more versatile than PVA wood glue. I used to use PVA glue all the time I’m especially Titebond or Gorilla Glue.  Influenced by my late father to use cascamite instead I mainly use cascamite powdered resin wood glue. 

cascamite powered resin wood glue, colle à bois à base de résine alimentée par cascamite

cascamite powdered wood glue

Convinced to use Cascamite by my boatbuilding father

The story goes that my father wanted to give my dear wife in a Ziploc bag and take it through airport security for me to experiment in France. My better half decided that it would be a bad idea As she didn’t like the look of the airport security staff as I pinged their latex gloves. 

So I could appease my father I decided to buy a tub of cascamite wood glue.  On several occasions in the past but frankly, I haven’t used for many years until now. Today I Order a 25kg sack every three months and pretty much use all the time. 

You can buy Cascamite here on Amazon

There are other variations of powdered resin wood glue. I have had some bad experience with some of the other brands. Be warry of some shop branded repackaged cascamite. These have been exposed to the air and sometimes in enviroments that do not help with shelf life.

Buy genuine products such as this buy it now link

Mixing powdered resin wood glue

Mixing cascamite is easy but some people all have a little bit of difficulty.  the problem can be that you add too much of either the water or the powder all at once and they fail to absorb each other. Cast my technical sheets to advise you to put your water into your mixing vessel first and add your powder to it.  I have found this to be problematic and as a result, I have been doing it the other way round. I grab mine from the tub into my mixing vessel and add a small amount of water at a time mixing as I go until I reach the consistency that I am after.

Check out my blog on how to mix cascamite powdered resin wood glue which includes some videos.

Glueing woodworking Joints with Cascamite

Glueing of two pieces of wood is Cascamites primary purpose. I have been using cascamite for several years now and I have found it to be a very good glue for the purpose of glueing two pieces of wood together.  When I cut joints in wood, for instance, a mortise and tenon joint I use cascamite resin powdered wood glue to bond the two pieces of wood together. 

Cascamite good at gap filling?

For times when my woodworking skills lack somewhat and my joints are a little Slack cascamite wood glue is ideal.  The reason for this is because cascamite wood glue is very capable of filling the spaces or voids around a joint. PVA wood glue is not very good at gap-filling.  The reason for this is because it is is air hardening. Cascamite wood glue hardens via a chemical reaction with water or H2O. PVA wood glue when it dries is soft and rubbery.  Cascamite wood glue sets to a very hard yet brittle resin material. This material will not compress hence is very good at Gap feeling ill-fitting joints. 

Mixing Cascamite as a wood filler?

Cascamite wood glue which is made from urea-formaldehyde makes an excellent wood filler. Because this powdered resin wood glue dries to a very hard material it sands extremely well. Because it is hard and sands well you’ve only got to add some kind of medium such as fine sawdust.  I use cascamite powdered resin wood glue for all my wood filling tasks. Because I know it sticks very well it is also no waterproof and like I said its sands.  

I make my wood filler by adding wood sanding dust to some mixed cascamite. I stir my concoction until the sanding dust has been petrified by the glue. I just apply the glue to the void which needs filling just like any other wood filler.

Casting objects with powdered resin wood glue.

This might be an unusual topic but it is quite possible to cost small to large items using powdered resin wood glue.   I make my casting solution by mixing my wood glue as usual then adding some form of medium. I have experimented with various types of medium or you could call it a filler and but sand works best.  I have used sawdust for the filler but I have found that it shrinks too quickly. If you can work out a good balance of sand to cascamite you can be rewarded with a pleasant stone effect.

Cascamite sanding sealer.

There are many forms of sanding sealer available to woodworkers.  I have use shellac and other solvent diluted sealers. I stumbled across this alternative use of cascamite powdered resin wood glue as a sanding sealer because I was in need of a quick solution.  I had no sanding sealer on the shelf and I could not get any in time to finish this project. after racking my brains I thought I would experiment using cascamite knowing that it dries to a hard finish.

Mixing Cascamite sanding sealer

I make my sanding sealer with cascamite by first mixing cascamite powdered resin wood glue but then when adding additional water and stirring until I am happy that all the lumps have gone.  I simply apply this solution to the surface I want to sand and wait for it to dry. why on a good day the cast might sanding sealer will be dry enough to sand within an hour but this depends on the humidity of the day.

Caution when using these methods.

After discovering this hack I no longer bother with shellac-based sanding sealer as this cascamite sanding sealer works perfectly well for me. 

If using customised sanding sealer be warned that once you see your piece of wood the testaments and seeing will not accept any would die because it is impervious to water.  Cascamite is waterproof.

If using a brush to apply the sanding sealer be sure to wash it out after use with water as soon as you have finished.  the problem is that if you wait until the sanding sealer starts to set the brush will be harder to clean because it will become less vulnerable to the water.

My suggestion is to dye or stain any timber before applying cascamite wood filler sanding sealer.

Read our other article on wood glues:

Health and Safety precautions when using Cascamite or any powders

It is is very important to look after your body. like any fine powder cascamite or resintite powder, resin wood glue can enter your lungs.  some basic personal protection equipment should be worn when mixing or handling cascamite powdered resin wood glue.

ppe neoprene carbon dust mask and shades

here are some of the items you should wear when handling cascamite

  1. A good pair of safety specs or  preferably goggles
  2. dust mask capable of filtering fine particles
  3. appear of gloves such as single-use latex
  4. common sense!

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