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Face Masks for Coronavirus

Whether we should wear face masks  during the Coronavirus Pandemic is a question, which no one seems to be able  to give you a answer!

My PPE experience with Face masks is that the best face masks can only filter down to 0.3 micron and the COVID-19 is smaller at 0.1 microns so could pass though the material the mask is made from.

Advice that has been given by the CDC, ‘if you have coronavirus then you should wear a mask to protect others’ .

Whether a face mask can protect you from being infected by COVID-19 is debatable and face mask should be made available for those who work in health care and those who are infected.

Room Air Purifiers for COVID-19

Room purifiers clense the air before we get to breath it in by passing room air through a HEPA filter. There has been no tests to prove whether HEPA filters cantrap Coronavirus but NASA has done extensive tests on the effeciency of true HEPA filters. NASA has found that although the virus is smaller than the efficiency of true HEPA filters the filter still managed to capture almost 100% of the virus. Levoit LV-H132

Lock Down in France

We live in France and we are only allowed out to go food shopping or for health reasons. Coranavirus has turned peoples lives upside down and we are not allowed to work so we are getting on with home repairs and other projects that have not been done. Coronavirus has freed up our time!  In this video I go to the local food shop and when I return I practice some DIY tasks.  This video is a movie Vlog of our day

A Day in a Life of Lock Down in France for a Woodworker

Living in France during the Coronavirus pandemic can be lonely but as a creative person solitary living is not too much of a problem. I quite like the time to make things that I would not have before. In this video I make a bird box from scrap wood, not a big project but fun netherless. I quite enjoy making small projects sometimes and during these really stressful Coronavirus a little positive therapy is good for the mind.

Coronavirus Face Mask Alternative

When we keep reading in the news that the face mask is the first line of defense for NHS and Pharmacy workers. but what about us? There is not enough face masks on the planet for everyone to wear so what can we do to help reduce the risk? NASA has tested true HEPA filters for the use in space craft for the protection of astronauts from tiny viruses. If this is true we could assume that a room filtration system carrying a True HEPA will also trap COVID-19 within its glass fibre strands. We have install a large 400m2 room filter which I am very impressed with the Levoit LV-H133 and a Levoit LV-H132 

COVID-19 Day One of Lock Down in France

Well this is an new adventure in our lives. The idea that we can only venture out for essential trips to the shop or for health reasons and not leisure is going to be a hard thing to stomach for a long time. So time is what we do have! This lock down is likely to be dictating our movement for some while. Well, at least until a vaccine is through human trials.

By Marcus Kett, Woodworking since 1989

head wood malcolm kett memorial

Malcolm the Boat ‘RIP’

Woodworking for me is in my blood as a son of a traditional boatbuilder. My Father Malcolm Kett was highly skilled and inventive individual often referred to as ‘Malcolm The Boat’.

selfie with mortar board

Marcus Kett and my Mortar!

Although I have spent a considerable portion of my life seeking further education and gaining qualifications in woodworking, electrical installations, bricklaying and to top it a degree in photography.

Yes, it is a medley of possible career choices but the one that I felt truly at home with was Woodworking. Woodworking has been my staple career choice that has given my family stability.

Why do I write these guides?

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Well that’s Me

We started to write these guides to help our customers. The idea was to provide the information needed to install our made to measure wooden products that we sell on this website and directly to our local customers.

We soon received feedback from people abroad and interested readers not local to us. I like to help people and I am excited that fellow woodworkers or keen DIYers found guidance in my articles. I intend to carry on writing and producing youtube videos for the purpose of providing useful content. Please share our blog with your friends and anyone that could find interest in the magic of working with wood.


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About Wallybois

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Wally is the middle one

We have lived and worked here in the Limousin Nouvelle Aquitaine since 2010, building window shutters and external doors. Our Volet manufacturing business is based at our home property as a ‘Cottage Industry’. We are a small business operating partly (60%) off the grid and try our best to practice our woodworking ethically.

How did we come up with the trading name ‘Wallybois’? Well, it is simple really, my best buddy ‘Wally’ and the fact that ‘Bois’ is French for wood and we live in France.

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By Marcus Kett, Woodworking since 1989

Based in the Nouvelle Aquitaine of France