How to Sharpen the Festool Domino Cutter?

You can easily sharpen the Festool Domino cutter with a credit card diamond sharpener.

Festool are a well known manufacturer of good quality woodworking machines and available in the United States and Europe. The brand Festool has become a bit of a cult and in some circles wields tool snobbery. 

It is undeniable that this German brand Festool has earned its place as top quality.

How Much does Festool Domino DF 700 xl cutters cost?

  • Festool 497868 8mm   $61 
  • Festool 497869 10mm $62
  • Festool 497870 12mm $65
  • Festool 497871 14mm $67

Why not just buy another Festool cutter?

how to sharpen festool domino cutter

At fifty euro each for a Festool Domino cutter, it makes sense to sharpen these tungsten carbide bits, and why wouldn’t you. 

The sharpening of these cutters is actually very simple but first, you need to understand how they work.

Ok, then let’s delve straight into the cutter bit ethos. The Domino Dowel does not have a traditional cutter profile. Not every machined edge makes contact with the workpiece. This simplifies things somewhat. 

My Video on sharpening the Festool carbide cutter

In this video I demonstrate how I sharpen my domino carbide cutters. You too could save money by sharpening your own cutters. It is good to regularly sharpen the Festool cutter so they do not overheat. A sharp Festool cutter will speed up your workflow. The Festool Domino DF700 XL is featured in this video. You can also sharpen the Festtol Domino DF500 but the cutters are smaller and can be tricky to sharpen. It is still possible to sharpen the cuitters of the Festool domino DF 500.

Where do we sharpen?

where to sharpen festool domino cutter

So If the cutter has an unconventional cutter profile then, where do I sharpen? That is a good question. You only need to sharpen the cutting surfaces.

This image shows the cutting edge of the Festool domino cutter.

What we have to acknowledge is that the Festool Domino dowel cutter only cuts on the premier contact edges. What I mean by that is that the cutter only cuts on the tip of the tool.

Well, it is simples, just take the easy route and put an edge on the tip. The Festool cutter cuts with the machined edges. 

I repeat, So where do Sharpen?

how to sharpen festool domino cutter

Place the Domino cutter in a vice or find another way to secure it. 

Take a Trend or DMT Diamond sharpener and make a few swipes with those angular edges. This is the ad-hoc method of Sharpening a  Festool cutter.

These DMT credit card sharpeners work really well

Should I use a Jig to sharpen the Festool Domino Cutter?

Personally I feel that the process of sharpening the Festool domino cutter would be a lot easier and more accurate with the use of a jig.  at the time of writing this article I know of no no commercially available jigs for the purpose of sharpening a festival domino cutter.

This does not mean it is not possible but you will need to use your imagination.  I am in the process of making a jig for this sharpening task. A simple method of holding the cutter rigid such as a hole in a block of wood clamped to a bench. Partnered with an angular guide for the diamond sharpener.

Why Do I Write these?

We write these articles for fun and hope you find them of interest. This Festool  is a large subject so I will be updating this topic on a regular basis so please return to keep a check on things.


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