Shutter components in French with pictures

We understand that while we find our renovation journey exciting it is also a huge learning experience and sometimes the journey can equally be overwhelming. So here we will try to make the understanding of shutter components as found in France.

ferrure de volet > shutter fittings or ironmongery

Poignée de volet > handle as the name suggests is used to aid opening or closing the shutter.

Accessoires d’espagnolette > Shutter latch which is mounted on the inside of the shutter and operating from the inside to.

Crochet à vis avec crémaillère > the stay which resembles the common ‘hook and eye’ is a low cost method of holding the fixed shutter in place for the first opening to close against.

penture de volet > strap hinge, the long metal bar that is bolted to the shutter and sits over the pin in the wall which which it rotates on

Chemical fis in france

Scellement > Chemical fix is a great way to fix the gond into the wall and the reason for that is it secures the loose stone around the gond (hinge pin) You could try to use cement for this but I dont recomend it as the gonds will become loose.

gond or in english wall hinge pin

For this type of gond (pin) use scellement

pintel screwgond de expansion

gond > hinge pin which comes in many types, some are mounted on a plate, designed to be fixed with chemical fix (Scellement) or screwed into the stone or wood (bois)

arret de volet > Stop, tieback is used to hold back the shutter (volet battant) to the wall when the pair of shutters are left in the open position