The Festool Domino Clogs without Extraction!

Although I’m an avid user of this machine I have found dust extraction an issue because of the locating pins clog. Not because the Festool dust extraction vacuums are bad but that they do not work in some scenarios.

Festool Extraction Leaks?

After some experience in building door frames or window frames with the Festool Domino, In fact, anything with a rebate for glazing or door shuts causes leaks in the vacuum systems.

Festool Domino can Clog!festool domino joiner xl df 700-1200-678

You may ask why this is a problem but frankly, it is as some areas of the machine will clog. This clogging can prevent the machine from functioning as it should. I have experience two areas which are affected. The locating pins and the slide mechanism are in particular negatively affect.

The Slide Mechanism Prevents Travel

When cutting multiple mortices with the Domino joining system with inefficient dust extraction of no extraction. You will find that the Festool Domino slide stop mechanism can clog. Thçis Clogging can prevent full travel of movement while on the slide. This is most noticeable when cutting full depth mortices.

My Festool Domino Locating Pins Won’t Retract?

festool domino xl df 700 face plate-1200-678

If you are suffering from this problem then you need to change the way you work. A common, cause of this is weak dust extraction. The retractable pin mechanism is prone to capture wood chips from each mortice cut. Dust extractioàn is the most common cause of this.

I must admit that I have found another reason. When cutting mortices in a rebated frame at some point you will find that you cannot seal the face plate against your workpiece.

There is a Solution to a Clogged Festool?

  1. You can always cut the mortices with your Festool Domino DF700 XL before cutting the rebates.
  2. Make a jig which sits in the rebate so the gap between the faceplate and the rebate is filled. This will facilitate clean airflow of the dust extraction system
  3. Regularly cleans the machine paying special attention to the pins using an airline and blower.

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